Lácteos COVAP launches its new Calcio Protect range enriched with vitamins and minerals to contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system

nueva gama Calcio Protect de Lácteos COVAP | COVAP

Lácteos COVAP launches Calcio Protect, a new range of milk with calcium, enriched with a complete mix of vitamins and minerals that contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. This new launch constitutes a commitment to provide solutions adapted to the new demands of consumers, who now have increased awareness of the quality and traceability of products and attribute greater importance to the factors of health and well-being. Lácteos COVAP's main goal with these new developments is to expand the properties of its milk, which are specially designed to normalize the functioning of the immune system, in addition to making its natural benefits known. 

Contributing to the normal functioning of the immune system.

The calcium and phosphorus Lácteos COVAP's new Calcio Protect range contains, with well-known favorable effects on the osteoarticular system, is now increased and supplemented with vitamins A, D, and B6, as well as the mineral zinc, to foster the normalized functioning of the immune system and cover any possible deficit due to incomplete nutrition.

Additionally, the packaging indicates the natural benefits it contains, highlighting that it is a source of vitamin B12, which also contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

As stated by Sports Nutrition professor and Endocrinology expert Dr Antonio Escribano, "it has recently been shown that the composition of milk itself has notable amounts of vitamins and minerals that sustain and optimize the immune system". "Sometimes we are surprised when we rediscover the components of milk, which have always been there, but which are acquiring renewed prominence as a result of their properties", he pointed out. In this regard, the prestigious endocrinologist recommends the consumption of “2 to 3 glasses of Calcio Protect milk a day to neutralize and compensate for any insufficiency that could weaken the body's defensive capacity and foster the development of illnesses”.

Market studies and consumer trends

The fact is that, according to reports carried out by international consulting firm Mintel, the recent health-related events have given rise to new consumer trends, as consumers' priorities have shifted towards greater protection and interest in a healthy diet, in addition to products rich in nutrients. Likewise, consumer concern for mental health and the avoidance of stress, which affects the immune system, has also increased.

This is so much the case that in a recent study carried out in European countries by the consulting firm Mintel, around 50% of users stated that they consume milk that has benefits for the immune system or added vitamins, and the reasons given related to improved digestive health, strengthening of bones, maintaining a healthy heart, and reducing stress, among others.

Sustainable food production model

The recent studies conducted by Mintel have also shown that users have increased confidence in what they know, an attitude that is reflected by increased support for local products, proximity and Spanish origin, where the traceability of the brands acquires considerable added value.

Lácteos COVAP has developed this new range, maintaining its essence based on the production of the best milk obtained from its over 300 family-run farms. COVAP's sustainable food production model covers every step in the value chain: from the agriculture and control of the well-being, nutrition, and care of the animals to the daily collection, transformation, and marketing process. By controlling the traceability of the whole process, COVAP can offer the consumer a safe product of the highest quality and freshness, and at a competitive price, generating wealth for the local economy.