On 6 October, during the Ham Fair of Villanueva de Córdoba, a prestigious panel deemed our “Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico Alta Expresión Los Pedroches” to be the best ham of the region of Los Pedroches. This prize is awarded to a long, delicate process based on the highest standards of excellence.

At COVAP, we select the best raw material – 100% pure breed Iberian pigs in a unique environment: continuous holm oak pasturelands, as well as the very best human resources – our experts, who are in charge of producing, curing and monitoring the hams in our natural curing houses.

Producing one of our hams, “Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico Alta Expresión de Los Pedroches”, begins with the commitment of our farmers who are in charge of caring for and cosseting their pure-breed Iberian pigs, which feed on a diet based on acorns and grasses from the pasturelands. The long and delicate process involved in making this product is supervised throughout by our expert ham makers to produce a unique end product of unparalleled flavor.

This ham comes from our 100% Iberian pigs, which were born in the pastures of Las Rozuelas del Valle, in Torrecampo and which have spent the montanera, or final fattening period, in the heart of the Cardeña-Montoro Natural Park, one of the most important wildlife reserves in the Iberian Peninsula.

During the 2013 campaign, after a splendid montanera fattening stage, our strict integrated control of all the processes involved ensured that we could supervise the product from its origins. Following a long process of more than 48 months, carefully monitored in our natural curing houses, last month the ham was declared the Best Ham of Los Pedroches 2016.

This award is an endorsement of the thousands of farmers and professionals involved and a recognition of their incredible daily work. COVAP has now received a second prize for its “Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico Alta Expresión de los Pedroches”, to add to other awards such as the Superior Taste Award 2016 won last April.

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