The COVAP Agriculture Project is looking for farmers who are committed to the production of livestock feed, especially grain and silage. This project will be essential for monitoring the traceability of their products, guaranteeing their origin and quality.

Antonio Quijada, Acquisitions and Agriculture Coordinator at COVAP, is responsible for this project alongside Diego Ruiz and José Manuel Gómez. Quijada stressed that “we are looking for farmers who are totally committed. At the heart is agriculture, where we need to find supplies while exercising certain control.”

There are currently 12 farmers who provide 145 million kilos of silage, the star product in animal feed. Although production is expected to exceed 240 million kilos in 2020. In COVAP, 60% of these products are provided by the farmers involved in this project, but the goal is to reach 100%, in order to have absolute control. By 2020, the goal is that all the feed we supply to our farmers comes from farmers and growers in the area.

The demand is for quality, environmental efficiency and cost-effectiveness, but above all sustainability.

The feed is stored throughout the year in COVAP’s animal feed plant and is distributed from there directly to farmers, guaranteeing the origin of their quality and traceability.

We recommend listening to the interview with COVAP's Department of Agriculture on “Radio Córdoba Ser”, here: