Lácteos COVAP launches a new bechamel sauce prepared like at home and gluten-free with no artificial coloring or preservatives

Bechamel COVAP | COVAP

Lácteos COVAP launches a new bechamel sauce prepared in the traditional way, with milk collected daily on the more than 300 family-run farms of its farmers and a hint of Tellicherry, one of the best known peppers the world over. Additionally, this bechamel stands out for being a gluten-free product, suitable for people with celiac disease, and with no preservatives or artificial coloring, characteristics that make it a new alternative on the sauce market.

Prepared as you would prepare it at home, this new bechamel has an authentic, mild taste thanks to ingredients like COVAP milk, which is collected and packaged in less than 24 hours, and which gives the product a creamy, consistent texture. This sauce also allows you to bake and cook any recipe au gratin in addition to saving time in the preparation of any dish.

The fact is that, according to the "2021 Global Food & Drink Trends” study by international consulting firm Mintel, 49% of Spanish consumers plan on making more home-cooked meals during the year 2021, whilst 31% would like to improve their cooking skills. 

This is why Lácteos COVAP is looking to cater for these current consumer trends and needs with products designed for home-cooking, bearing in mind that Spain is the European country that has seen the biggest increase in the consumption of food at home compared to restaurants or cafés, as shown by the aforementioned Mintel report. This research also showed that, in 2021, the home will continue to be a space where Spanish people will seek safety and entertainment.

This new product, which comes in packs of three 200 ml units, is available in the online store, www.lacteoscovap.com, so you can purchase it from anywhere in Spain. Additionally, the packaging includes a QR code with ideas for preparing different recipes using this sauce.

Evolution of the bechamel market

In the current context where around 60% of Spaniards are consuming sauces an average of twice a week, bechamel sales in terms of value have increased by 14.8% in the last year and unit sales have increased by 15.2%. In addition, bechamel has been established among the main sauces consumed in Spain with 13% penetration in households.

COVAP's sustainable food production model

There is a new type of consumer with increased confidence in the brands they know and brand traceability, and who view proximity and the Spanish origin of products positively. For this reason, Lácteos COVAP stands out as a brand that controls the traceability of the process, which allows it to offer a safe, sustainable, quality product, generating wealth for the local economy.

The fact is that COVAP's sustainable food production model covers every step in the value chain: from the agriculture and control of the well-being, nutrition, and care of the animals to the daily collection, transformation, and marketing process.