Animal feed

At COVAP, we are farmers and our interest lies in producing at the minimum cost, in a profitable and sustainable way. We focus our work around Safety, Quality and Service. We feed more than 140,000 animals each year at our classification centers, which makes us experts in livestock feed. We have an extensive team for Technical Services to meet the needs of our farmers.

25,000 m2surface area
530 millionkilos annual production
30 yearsexperience in Unifeed rations

Guarantee for the future

We are experts in animal nutrition, because we are farmers with almost 60 years experience.

COVAP is the leading producer of animal feed in Spain, as a first-degree cooperative and the only company specializing both in dairy livestock and extensive livestock.

We produce more than 530 million kilos of animal feed per year. For this purpose, we have a feed factory of 11,000 m2, equipped throughout with Buhler technology, and an area of more than 25,000 m2 dedicated to the production of Unifeed rations and equipped with the latest self-propelled cart technology.

COVAP was the first Spanish company to introduce Unifeed rations to dairy livestock, more than 30 years ago.

We produce 300 million kg of feed per year

30% Pigs
29% Sheep
23% Beef Cattle
15% Dairy Cattle
3% Other

We produce 230 million kg of mixed feed per year

75% Mixed feed Dairy Cattle
25% Mix Small Ruminants
COVAP Agristores

Our COVAP Agristore offers a customized service to our member-customers, thanks to our constant search for needs and solutions, training and information, and our ceaseless desire to work with and for our members. It's now also possible to place an online order for our supplies, thanks to our new online Agristore. Alternatively, you can find one of our COVAP Agristores at:

Our animal feed products

The animal feed we provide is different, because we have:

  • Feeding program tested in our own feedlots
  • Technical services, reproduction and health advice, genetics and management.
  • We provide added value, marketing your production.