COVAP Dairy Business

COVAP has been a family of farmers for more than 60 years. Just like our fathers and their fathers before them, we pamper our animals to obtain the very best milk: Milk from right here. We produce milk of excellent quality thanks to the combined efforts and hard work of farmers and workers.

COVAP has one of the most technically advanced dairy plants in the whole of Europe.

The operation covers a surface area of 22,650 m2 and is capable of producing 400 million liters per year. In addition, the milk produced on our members farms is the raw material for making our sheep and goat's cheeses which involve the processing of almost 7 million liters per year.

What is more, most of our farms are at 20 km from production plant, ensuring the freshness of the product and allowing us to keep our commitment to bringing you a range of dairy products of the highest quality.

Our production process is designed to control the product from its source, our farmers, through to the end customer.

400 million
liters per year

m2 surface area

from the very source

Traceability, the key to our quality
We carry out strict controls right from the source

  • Animal feed
  • The livestock of the coop member's farms
  • The collect
  • The production process
  • The dispatching


The AENOR Animal Welfare certificate is based on the European Welfare Quality® benchmark and was awarded following an assessment of COVAP's good practices in livestock farming. The assessment sought to verify that the animals were well-fed, well-housed, were in good health and behaved appropriately, and was conducted across the Cooperative's 305 dairy farms and 576 100% Iberico pig farms.

IFS Food

A food safety regulation recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), focusing on safety and quality in processed products.


Product seal recommended by ADILAC, association of lactose intolerant Spain. Product certified in independent food analysis laboratories.

Origin of milk: Spain

In compliance with RD 1181/2018 in addition to including the statement "Origin of milk: Spain" under the ingredients of our products, you will also find this new seal on the front of COVAP´s containers.

  • Classic Brick
  • Classic Bottle
  • Special
  • Lactose-free
  • 200ml format
  • Para cocinar
  • Catering
  • Smilke

The Classic COVAP Milk range

Designed for the whole family and all those who want to enjoy traditional milk which retains the taste it's always had. The UHT packaging preserves all of the milk's nutritional properties, to offer a product of the highest quality which provides the recommended daily intake of calcium and phosphorus.

The Special COVAP Milk range

We recommend this range for all those who pay attention to their diet and are looking for an extra supply of calcium, fiber or omega 3. We also present our goat and sheep varieties.

The COVAP Lactose-Free Milk range

Lactose intolerance is caused by the body's inability to absorb lactose (the sugar found in milk), which gives rise to digestive problems. For this reason, COVAP has developed a lactose-free range to meet the needs of our lactose-intolerant customers. In this way, they can drink milk, a good source of calcium, without giving up on that traditional milk flavor. Our lactose-free products are easier to digest and contain proteins and vitamins A+E+D. We offer skimmed and semi-skimmed varieties, which are important on maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

Range of milks and shakes format 200 ml COVAP

Because we want to respond to all consumers single-parent homes who want to enjoy a newly opened brik and parents who are looking for the best nutrition for their children. Ideal to drink at any time.

The COVAP Cream range

Because of the proximity of our farms to the production plant, we offer a cream of the very highest quality that retains all the flavor. Ideal for enhancing your dishes without sacrificing the flavor and texture of your favorite cream, but with a lower percentage of fat and 0% lactose in the 15% fat range. And with 35% fat it is ideal for whipping cream and for cooking.

The COVAP Catering Milk range

Intended for use in the catering sector. We take care of our hoteliers offering you the best products in which we keep all the flavor and freshness of the milk. Within the range of hospitality we have our Milk Selection Hospitality and Milk Selection Double Cream Hospitality and our COVAP Smoothies flavors (Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry).

Now in a new 100% recyclable bottle container, being made in PET. It allows a better pouring thanks to the good sliding of the milk and the diameter of the mouth. Enjoy your usual milk in this 100% recyclable container!

Gamas de Leches COVAP en Botella

La leche de toda la vida con el sabor de siempre, ahora en un nuevo envase en botella de 1,5L. Este envase es 100% reciclable, al estar elaborado en PET.


Una gama de productos on the go: Smilke Café y Smilke Avena. Con toda la calidad y sabor de COVAP en un cómodo envase para disfrutar en cualquier parte.

Whole milk
Semi-skimmed milk
Skimmed milk
Leche clásica 200 ml.
Leche Entera 1,5L
Leche Semidesnatada 1,5L
Leche Desnatada 1,5L
Milk with Calcium
Milk with Fiber
Flavour Omega-3 Milk
Goat's Milk
Semi-skimmed Sheep’s Milk
Lactose-free Milkshakes
Sin Lactosa Semidestada 1,5L.
Batidos 1L.
90%-Milk Shakes Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry
Lactose-free Milkshakes
Cream Cooking 1L 0% lactose
Confectionary cream 1L 0% lactose
Cream Cooking 200ml 0% lactose
Cream Cake 200ml 0% lactose
Bechamel 200ml
Select Catering Milk 1.5 l
Leche Selección Hostelería Doble Cream 1,5 L
Mantequilla de leche de vaca con sal
Mantequilla de leche de vaca sin sal
Mantequilla de leche de cabra con sal
Mantequilla de leche de oveja con sal

COVAP Sheep cheese

Our range of sheep cheeses are made by artisan methods using 100% raw and pasteurized milk from merino sheep. With their characteristic firm consistency and color ranging from yellow tones to pale ivory, these cheeses have excellent flavor and texture and an unmistakable aroma. Our range of sheep cheeses includes cured and semi-cured products which are matured for periods from 3 to 15 months.

Gran Reserva Raw Milk Cheese
Torremilano Raw Milk Cheese
Cured Pasteurized Milk Cheese
Semi-cured Pasteurized Milk Cheese

Businesses in which COVAP is a participant

Lactiber was launched in 2006 as a joint project between the Andalusian farming cooperative COVAP and the company Iparlat. It was set up by the partners following the acquisition from another group in the sector of a dairy plant in León province.

Since 2007, the group has invested in improving the plant and its processes, increasing production from 60 million litres of milk to 145 million litres of Spanish milk at the end of 2018, all from the Castile and León region.

The plant currently occupies a site with an area of 40,000 square metres and has a UHT processing and packaging plant with several production lines producing a wide range of dairy products. Classic milk and added-value dairy preparations, including milk enriched with calcium, omega and fibre, milk shakes in various flavours, milk with cinnamon and lemon, single cream for cooking and high-protein shakes for people who do sport. The plant also has lines that specialise in making products for children, such as milk for growth, with manufacture of powdered milk as a major asset.

Lactiber León generates more than 100 direct and 200 jobs. Its objective is to establish a model focusing on meeting consumers' needs, ensuring that all the links in the value chain (farmers, processors and distributors) work together to combine the highest-quality end product with the best service at the most sustainable price.

Milk is collected daily from over 70 farms with an average annual production of more than one and a half million litres, and an associated area of 75 hectares of land per farm.

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