COVAP Insurance

Seguros COVAP is an Insurance agency specializing in rural communities, which was set up, originally, to provide an additional service to the Cooperatives members, both for farming insurance and general insurance. At present, we offer services to all economic sectors, as well as individuals.

To meet our Quality objectives, we have a young team of excellent professionals with great experience in the insurance sector. You can benefit from all the resources at our disposal to evaluate your risks, with the guarantee of working with leading insurers, and our personal attention in the drafting of policies, reporting and follow-up of claims, and resolution of disputes that might arise with different Insurance Companies.

Choosing the services and professional advice provided by Seguros COVAP means joining a project aimed at ensuring that our customers feel part of a large enterprise which is constantly expanding and evolving, and is worthy of their TRUST. While boasting extensive experience in the insurance sector, we remain in touch with our essential character as a cooperative whose purpose is to provide a service.

Our mission is clear: To work as a team with a commitment to providing services that achieve full customer satisfaction, with passion, honesty and professionalism.

Our companies

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Our products

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Farming insurance

We have specialized technical staff with broad experience in advising crop and livestock farmers. We act as an intermediary for all the policies you can contract with Farming insurance:

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Agricultural & Livestock operations, SMBs and Firms

We will design a policy suited to the requirements of your business, with all the cover needed to protect your business against any incident. We can cover any type of firm or small/medium-size business, and are specialists in the insurance of agricultural and livestock facilities.

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Civil Liability

We cover third-party damages arising from your activity or business, livestock, companion animals, horses, hunting or fishing activities, etc. We stand out by providing livestock coverage offering the best guarantees at the best price in the whole of Spain.

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Auto, Home and Buildings

We have the best products for automobiles: cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractors, industrial vehicles, etc., with special premiums for fleets. We guarantee you peace of mind with our building and home insurance. You can cover your main home, your holiday home, or estate.

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Life and Healthcare

We work with a very wide range of insurers, which gives us great flexibility when it comes to offering specific products to secure your families future. A complete range of protection that includes life insurance, individual and joint accident cover, and cover for earnings, temporary incapacity, death and healthcare, as well as financial products (pensions).

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Insurance for serious illness

At COVAP we know that most families are, or have been, touched by serious illness. This is an exclusive agreement for members, workers and their families that provides coverage for serious illness, including accommodation at the renowned Navarra University Clinic and related travel.

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Where are we located?

You can also contract our insurance through COVAP Sales Points which are situated throughout the provinces of Cordoba, Badajoz and Ciudad Real.