COVAP Cured Ibérico Pork products

The industry has a plant of 26,000 square meters for the production of our Ibérico products which represent 15% of the total production of acorn-fed 100% Ibérico pork products in Spain. Our facilities have a capacity to hold 800,000 pieces and are equipped with 4 natural curing houses and a clean room that guarantees unique temperature and sterilization conditions for the handling of our products. This has allowed us to obtain the necessary certificates to develop our commercial activity in international markets.

15% of national production
26,000m2 surface area
Capacity for 800,000 pork ham

The production of Ibérico cured products contributes to the social balance of the region and to the preservation of the dehesa pasturelands, which are responsible for the existence of the 100% Ibérico breed, and a guarantor of a worldwide gastronomic treasure

A history of tradition

There was a time when an immense sea of holm oaks stretched beyond the horizon. Its bronze-colored fruit fed a breed of animals which is unique in the world: the 100% Ibérico pig.

Today, those same thousand-year-old oaks continue to feed our 100% Ibérico pigs in an incomparable ecosystem: The pasturelands of the Valley of Los Pedroches. These two factors, the pure breed and the privileged environment, have been the keys to creating one of the most exquisite delicacies produced by our land, a symbol of quality and tradition: COVAP Ibérico products.

The key to outstanding Ibérico products


A unique source: Our great pasturelands of century-old oaks

The Valley of Los Pedroches has the largest extension of century-old holm oaks in the world- more than 300,000 hectares of continuous pasturelands that provide acorns for our Ibérico pigs and an environment for them to live in freedom.

A place that is unique in the world, with a privileged microclimate for curing that gives our Ibérico products their unmistakable personality.

The Ibérico breed

At COVAP "We are farmers". With all that this entails: we have our own 100% Ibérico pig breed, registered in the herdbook.

Their authenticity, free-range rearing in our pasturelands (for approximately two years, benefiting from 10,000 square meters per animal) and their source of food, makes each and every one of our Ibérico products a unique item.

Closed production cycle

Thanks to our closed production cycle, we can ensure traceability from the origin.

Bringing together tradition and modernity. Combining all the know-how accumulated over generations with the most advanced innovations and modern quality control processes.

Creating unique products, over a period of more than 48 months of slow curing and aging in natural drying and curing houses, where our Master Ham Makers supervise and vouch for their quality.

Source of health

The acorn-fed 100% Ibérico pork ham is a key component of the Mediterranean diet.

The natural food eaten by the Ibérico pigs and their free-range rearing are the reasons behind the health benefits of the product.

The acorns of our oaks provide oleic acid, which helps to reduce cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases, while the grass from the pasturelands is a source of vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants.


COVAP, a symbol of experience and a guarantee of quality.

Because we are a cooperative of farmers which, generation after generation, has maintained its commitment to authenticity.

Our farmers have been breeding the best acorn-fed Ibérico pigs for more than four generations, making us a symbol of tradition and quality.

Two values which we can guarantee during the entire process, thanks to our closed production cycle, from the breeding of our 100% Ibérico pigs through to the traditional artisanal creation of all our products.

COVAP's Ibérico Clean Room is one of the few of its kind in Spain and guarantees product handling in unique temperature and sterilization conditions.

This is a fundamental requirement for exporting to other countries, which only admits products that have been processed or cut in this type of room. The facilities also incorporate the latest technology and employ highly qualified workers, who are required to pass various controls.

AENOR conform. Animal Welfare
Los Pedroches Designation of Origin
BRC Food Certificate
Certificate of food product conformity
International Featured Standards Certificate

COVAP's area of operations

Our pasturelands extend through a large area of the south of the Ibérico Peninsula: to the north of the province of Córdoba, at an altitude of 300 meters, is the famous Valley of Los Pedroches.

This environment has a special microclimate due to its distance from the sea and the rich biodiversity of the surroundings, considered to be the best pasturelands in Spain for the great variety of oaks (quercus) they contain. This type of oak transmits a wealth of nuances to our Ibérico products. The typical acorn of this area also provides that unique and characteristic sweet tone.

Our brands of Ibérico products