Commitment to our surroundings

The love we have for our land and animals, tied to the spirit of unity we have had from the very start, passed on from one generation of farmers to the next, drives us to ensure the conservation of the pasturelands and remain committed to our territory.

A naturally authentic place and a shared heritage: the Valle de los Pedroches is a protected zone with the Denomination of Origin seal, along with Valle del Guadiato and Valle de La Serena.

In order to improve management of the environmental impact of our production centers, COVAP has drawn up an Environmental Policy that addresses the following issues:

  • Production model based on technological efficiency and optimizing natural resources, water and energy.
  • Commitment to a renewables-based energy strategy to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and improve the sustainability of our model.
  • Promoting programs to reduce, recycle and recover the by-products of livestock farming and industry within the context of a Circular Economy.
  • Implementation of best available techniques (BAT) to correct the environmental impact of our industrial activity and the livestock production of our members.
  • Training activities for the Cooperative's workers and farmers, promoting awareness-raising behavior and environmental responsibility.
  • Continuous assessment and improvement of the Environmental Management System implemented in the Cooperative.