COVAP's dairy products with the Say Yes to Dairy movement

COVAP dairy products with the Say Yes to Dairy movement | COVAP

COVAP's dairy division  has joined the  Say Yes to Dairy movement, the first EU programme promoted by Inlac, the interprofessional association for the entire Spanish dairy sector, supported by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, to encourage the consumption of milk and dairy products as part of an appropriate diet. The main objective is to improve the public's knowledge as a first step in saying "yes" to at least three dairy products a day, as part of an active lifestyle and healthy, balanced diet.

Despite their being essential foodstuffs as part of a balanced diet, consumption of milk and dairy products is lower than it should be for proper nutrition. In view of this, Inlac and the European Commission have joined forces to improve our awareness of milk and its derivatives, and by extension our views as consumers of these products  The Say Yes to Dairy movement has opted for information and accuracy, basing all its messages on the work of a highly reputed scientific committee made up of members from different health-related areas.

Over the course of the campaign the importance of including dairy products in our diet will be shown, particularly stressing the many benefits of these products for our health. Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals… saying yes to milk and its derivatives is saying yes to receiving all these benefits. Also, consuming dairy products is recommended for all ages, as well as being advisable for specific groups, such as pregnant women or people who practise sport.

As part of this European programme, communication tools are being developed to facilitate the dissemination of the messages among consumers. The campaign will be visible in print media, cinema and internet advertisements and social media. Together with its media presence, the programme includes the creation of spaces to encourage direct contact with the general public and with particular strategically relevant targets. For the general public, "healthy meetings" are being organised all over Spain: information talks where people can hear first hand from members of the scientific committee.

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