COVAP opens a new subsidiary in the United Kingdom

  • The opening event has taken place in the emblematic restaurant Hispania, in the heart of the City of London, with the collaboration of the Basque Culinary Center.
  • The Cooperative keeps up its commitment with the British market as part of its international strategy.

Cooperativa Ganadera del Valle de los Pedroches (COVAP) was founded more than 60 years ago in Pozoblanco, Córdoba (Spain). This common project of men and women marked by the tradition of the land has brought together 4500 families committed to the region’s economic and social development, ensuring the passing on of the livestock tradition to future generations.

Present in more than 30 countries across all 5 continents and thank to its commitment to sharing its knowledge about 100% Iberico pork products beyond the borders of Spains. The Cooperativa has opened a new international subsidiary, COVAP UK LIMITED. The opening event took place in the emblematic restaurant Hispania, in the heart of the City of London, with the collaboration of the Basque Culinary Center, the perfect partner to discover and promote excellence in contemporary professional cuisine.

Great chefs and gastronomic professionals were able to taste the Alta Expresión Covap range of products, which comes from 100% Ibérico breed pigs, raised free-range feeding on wild grass and acorn during Montanera. This provides the meat with a high content of vitamins and natural antioxidants, resulting in an unmatched product.

Thanks to its closed production cycle, along with innovation and technological investments, the Cooperative has a strict quality control throughout the production process, guaranteeing animal welfare, food safety and the quality of its Ibérico products.

Furthermore, the attendees were able to see first-hand why Covap is the undisputed leader in digitisation, taking its model to all corners of the world with unique projects, such as “Montanera Live” -24-hour live broadcast of the pigs during the Montanera stage- and “Trazability” -discovering the history of each piece with a single click and providing information about every stage, from birth to ageing in the bodega-, reaching where no one has ever reached before.

Trazability project

The Alta Expresión Covap Dry-cured Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico pork hams and shoulders have a tamper-proof band and a certificate of traceability that provides customers all the information about the piece, such as the name of the farm where the 100% Ibérico pig was raised on, the total number of days it spent grazing, and information about the aging process. This unique traceability project has been made possible thanks to COVAP’s 360º model, which controls every step in the Cooperative’s production chain.

Montanera Live

You can watch our pigs in real time during the Montanera stage, as they eat acorns, walk around, bathe in the mud and sleep, alongside the magnificent sunsets of the Valle de Los Pedroches. It is a 24-hour broadcast.