The COVAP Group records sales of €629 million with a volume of 1,200 million of kg.

El grupo COVAP | COVAP

In 2020, the COVAP Group, made up of the Cooperativa Ganadera del Valle de los Pedroches (COVAP), Lactiber, Làctia, and Naturleite, recorded a turnover of €629 million, a figure that represents a 2% increase compared to the previous year. Over the course of the year, the company recorded sales constituting a volume of 1,200 kg.

These figures reflect the favorable evolution of all of its subsidiaries, which have continued to consolidate their business models to offer premium quality products and at the same time, build a sustainable agri-food chain in the markets in which they operate, together with their customers and suppliers. In this way, COVAP and its subsidiaries, Lactiber (Castilla y Leon), Làctia (Catalonia), and Naturleite (Galicia), specialist “totaler” suppliers for Mercadona, have reinforced their production capacity to meet the demand and new challenges set by all of their customers. In this respect, the group ended the year with an average workforce of 1165 people, receiving its supply from over 2000 farms, a detail that reflects the COVAP Group's contribution to the generation of employment and activity in the rural setting.


During 2020, Covap, the group's parent company, brought its sales figure up to €480.3 million, 1% more; whilst its exports grew by 10% to reach €22.2 million. It also has an average workforce of 869 people and has taken on investment worth a total of €13 million. With this effort invested in each of its lines of activity, COVAP has continued to reinforce its commitment to quality and efficiency, which has allowed it to adequately meet the needs of both its partners and its customers, and introduce measures to continue to reduce its environmental impact. 


At the same, it managed to adapt to the changes as a result of the confinement and pandemic, guaranteeing the safety of its workers at all times and the supply to its customers from day one. To do this, both COVAP and its subsidiaries put in considerable effort, which has translated to the implementation of various action and prevention initiatives and protocols.


According to Ricardo Delgado Vizcaíno, chairman of COVAP, “2020 was a highly unusual and extremely difficult year that forced us to optimize our resources and processes to adapt ourselves to this new situation and be able to guarantee the supply to our customers and consumers at all times. Thanks to the effort and responsibility of our partners, employees, customers, and suppliers, we have managed to meet all our commitments and maintain our level of activity, even exceeding our 2019 turnover". 



COVAP was founded in 1959 in Pozoblanco, in Córdoba, and throughout its history has shaped a new agri-food concept that goes beyond traditional agriculture and livestock farming, contributing to the economic and social development of the region. COVAP dairy and meat products are the result of the care taken by their farmers and workers in order to satisfy their customers with safe, high quality food. The Cooperative integrates the entire food chain and works to make it sustainable from the origin, in the agriculture and the livestock production through to the transformation and marketing.