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The annual audit of the two standards of Food Safety, IFS and BRC in the Meat Industries (CTC) and Cured Iberian pork Industry of COVAP have just been carried out.

During these audits, the Food Safety standards implemented in both centers (BRC and IFS) have been evaluated and they have passed successfully obtaining the maximum qualification in both standards.

The BRC Certification is designed to assist distributors in meeting legal food safety obligations and to ensure the highest level of consumer protection. IFS Certification meanwhile shows that our industry has established appropriate processes to ensure the safety of the products we manufacture and that we respect the specifications of our customers.

The COVAP Meat Industry (CTC) is characterized by a careful tracking process from the origin, ensuring maximum quality, flavor and texture in the meat. Traceability is what differentiates this from other livestock production companies, as quality is controlled throughout the process and great care is taken over food, breeding, production and marketing. In addition to the IFS and BRC certifications, it also has certifications for the handling of beef and sheep meat: Halal, Organic and Certicar.

COVAP's Industry of Cured Iberian pork has a plant dedicated to the production of 100% Iberian acorn-fed pork products. This production contributes to the social balance of the region and to the preservation of the Pasturelands, which is responsible for the existence of the 100% Iberian breed.