Inspiration elevated to its maximum expression

A sublime selection with Designation of Origin

The 100% Ibérico pork hams and pork shoulder Alta Expresión de Los Pedroches have the Designation of Origin of Los Pedroches, a symbol and guarantee of their quality and uniqueness.

Los Pedroches is one of only four Protected Designations of Origin for Ibérico pork products that exist in Spain. This European recognition protects the name of this territory, which is linked so closely to Ibérico products that, by being produced here, they are different from all others.

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The expression of the 100% Ibérico breed

Our selection of acorn-fed 100% Ibérico pork hams and pork shoulders Alta Expresión de Los Pedroches, comes from 100% Ibérico pigs which are registered in genealogical records.

A unique breed of animals, a legacy from our ancestors, which gives the perfect character, flavor and texture to each piece, due to its free-range rearing in our very own pasturelands in the region of Los Pedroches.

In addition, all the products of this brand are exclusively bellota (acorn-fed) Ibérico products, the highest category in the Official Ibérico Pork Classification.

The very highest expression of quality

Our Alta Expresión pork hams and pork shoulders from Los Pedroches are truly exclusive pleasures, because only a limited number of pieces are selected for this product range.

Each precious piece is the result of careful, traditional craftsmanship, and strict quality control from the source through to aging in the curing house.

It's there that our Master ham-makers can truly express themselves, with the dedication that a true work of art requires. Controlling every aroma, the perfect level of salt and optimal curing temperatures to obtain a unique piece. The salt used to prepare our pork hams comes from the salt mines of Odiel, a natural park in the marshlands of Huelva.

This is the range of products Alta Expresión de Los Pedroches

Whole pieces

Acorn-Fed 100% Ibérico pork Ham Alta Expresión of Los Pedroches
Acorn-Fed 100% Ibérico pork Shoulder Alta Expresión of Los Pedroches
Grass-Fed 100% Ibérico Pork Ham Alta Expresion of Los Pedroches

Deboned acorn-fed 100% Ibérico pork ham "Alta Expresión D.O. Los Pedroches"
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