Ricardo Delgado Vizcaíno, Chairman of COVAP, today collected the diploma awarded by the Minister of Agriculture to companies that have adhered to the Guidelines on Good Business Practices in Food Procurement.

COVAP has adopted this Code of Good Practices because it is considered to represent an important advance in the resolution of conflicts and also contains the basic principles defended since the publication of the Food Chain Act.

This code supplements the principles laid down in the Act which serves as the foundation for business practices between the various agents operating in the food chain. The economic agents who adopt the Code undertake to voluntarily apply business practices that promote fair, balanced and loyal relationships and to resolve any conflicts that may arise through the system established therein.

As basic principles, it defines fair and equitable reciprocity between the parties, freedom of agreements, good faith, mutual interest, equitable distribution of risks and responsibilities, cooperation, transparency, respect for free competition in the market and sustainability of the food chain.

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