covap colabora con el dehesafio

COVAP, Pozoblanco Town Council and Famidis, the Association of Relatives and Friends of People with Disabilities of Los Pedroches present the project El Dehesafío which seeks to repopulate the region with holm oaks.

The project, financed by COVAP and Pozoblanco Town Council to the tune of €40,000 will be implemented on 12 farms, planting 50 oaks per farm. There will also be a database with technical and scientific information on each oak.

The chairman of COVAP, Ricardo Delgado Vizcaíno, commented: “we are in the most important pastureland in the world and this is a project of great magnitude. COVAP has a social commitment and had take part in this project.”

People with learning disabilities will play a major part in this project, increasing their own independence with the help of the association Down Córdoba. This initiative also involves 200 students from the region, who, through this project, will have a first contact with the professional and university worlds, thanks to the University of Cordoba and Ecovalia. Pedroches Wildlife will accompany the students to the estates, while Efusión will take part in the closing ceremony with scenes from the pasturelands.

The Dehesafío has a double objective – it aims to preserve the nature of the valley while also raising awareness about the cause among people and organizations so they can join in.

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