Rosa Garcia, from COVAP’s Department of Quality and RDI, gave a training session this Wednesday called "The Sensory Quality of Iberian Ham – tasting and pairing with wines” during the Masters Course in Wine Tasting and Enomarketing offered by the Basque Culinary Center (BCC)Students and teachers have received both information about the structure, character and size of the cooperative and about the initiative of the School of Ham Cutters, ending with a tasting of the excellent “Alta Expresión” Iberian Ham.

The aim was to give the students of the BCC Master Course information about COVAP and what the company does, explain the specific nature of the Iberian Pig, how it is cut and how it forms a perfect partnership with the pasturelands, concepts which were unknown to some of the students. The course also highlighted the excellent sensory quality of COVAP's Iberian ham and the wines it is best paired with.