El queso de oveja de COVAP, galardonado en los World Cheese Award

COVAP's “Gran Reserva” cheese recently won the bronze medal at the World Cheese Awards. This is an extra-mature cheese made with raw sheep's milk following a traditional recipe and a curing process lasting more than 12 months. The cheese’s firm curd, strong and robust flavor, intense aroma and ivory color are some of the reasons behind the award.

Now in its 29th edition, the World Cheese Awards is the largest international cheese competition in the world. Dedicated exclusively to cheese to the exclusion of other dairy products, the awards have been bringing the global cheese community together for nearly three decades, celebrating tradition, innovation excellence in cheese-making.

This year, the World Cheese Awards were held in San Sebastian, cheese being the star of the show at the inauguration of the International Cheese Festival, during the events surrounding the city's appointment as European Capital of Culture. Around 3,000 cheeses from around the world were judged by more than 260 of the best palates and noses from all corners of the world, including cheese makers, technical experts, buyers, retailers and food critics.

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