COVAP Alta Expresión presents its selection of Ibérico meat from the 2021 Montanera

Alta Expresión COVAP presenta su selección de carnes  ibéricas de Montanera 2021 | Carnes COVAP

Cooperativa Ganadera del Valle de los Pedroches (COVAP) was founded in 1959 in Pozoblanco (Córdoba) by a group of farmers united by their goal of offering a premium quality, sustainable, and environmentally-responsible product and preserving a unique legacy: the thousand-year-old holm oaks of the dehesa of Los Pedroches under which their 100% Ibérico pigs graze. A raw material that, in addition to excellent dry-cured acorn-fed 100% Ibérico pork hams and sausage products, results in fresh acorn-fed 100% Ibérico meat with extraordinary texture, aroma, and flavor.


COVAP's Alta Expresión Ibérico Montanera Selection is an exceptional range of acorn-fed, 100% Ibérico meat, the result of experience, craftsmanship, and know-how passed down from generation to generation by the farming families that form the cooperative. Now, just like every year, Alta Expresión is presenting the meat from the montanera, that magical time from October to February during which the pigs feed exclusively on mature acorns, which gives their meat unique organoleptic qualities. Additionally, thanks to the online shop that Carnes COVAP launched in 2020, you can now enjoy this selection at home and anywhere in Spain.

COVAP's Alta Expresión Ibérico Montanera 20/21 Selection includes a series of high quality cuts of fresh meat from 100% Ibérico pigs selected for their high genetic potential for the production of meat and which roam free on the dehesa and feed on acorns and natural grasses during the montanera. Specifically, there are five cuts of acorn-fed 100% Ibérico meat available: loin, loin end, underloin, secreto, and tenderloin.



1. Acorn-fed 100 % Iberico pork loin This cut, long and cylindrical in shape, corresponds to the animal's longissimus muscle on the back. You'll notice the marbling of infiltrated fat and enjoy unbeatable flavor together with a unique texture, tenderness, and juiciness. In the kitchen, it is highly versatile and can be cooked, for example, on a grill, roasted or Cordon Bleu.


2. Acorn-fed 100 % Iberian pork tenderloin. This is one of the most highly-valued of the montanera fresh cuts. Long and cylindrical in shape and small in size, it is characterized by being very lean, tender meat, dark red in color, with marbling of fat and exceptional flavor. We recommend preparing it on a grill in medallions, roasted or as a beef Wellington.


3. Acorn-fed 100% Iberian pork secreto In the shape of a fan, this cut is located on the inner part of the loin. The cut is highly marbled with fat and contains little lean content, giving it a pale pinkish color and a firm silky texture which makes it surprising from the first bite. Ideal to cook on a barbecue or grill and accompany with vegetables.


4. Acorn-fed 100% Iberian pork underloin. This is an oval-shaped cut, intense red in color, that is found on the shoulder. Its fat marbling makes it very juicy and very pleasing to the palate. We recommend cooking it on a barbecue and combining it with wine-based sauces or with foie gras and shavings of Iberian ham.


5. Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico pork loin end Flat and triangular, this cut comes from the front part of the loin. It is very juicy due to its balance of meat and fat and can be cooked on a barbecue or grill, seasoned with sea salt flakes. It also goes very well with mushrooms.



The magical time that is the montanera can now be enjoyed from anywhere thanks to Montanera LIVE, a pioneering initiative that streams the free roaming of the 100% Ibérico pig during this period. With the goal of showing the cooperative's commitment to the environment, food safety, and traceability throughout the chain, the Montanera LIVE project has been possible thanks to the installation of latest generation technology in one our farmers' estates right in the Valle de los Pedroches. Thus, the montanera can be observed live 24 hours a day from Spain, Europe, China, and the United States.



As a result of another of the Cooperative's commitments, like good farming practices, and in tune with the values of its consumers, COVAP holds the Animal Well-being certificate issued by AENOR Conform which certifies that it meets the requirements of the well-being protocol for the 100% Ibérico pigs throughout the production chain, under the strict Welfare Quality European standard. This certification controls the quality of the animal's natural diet, their raising in freedom and their care.

The hard work of the cooperative's farmers, their experience and know-how and their model based on traceability result in safe, sustainable, quality products like the Alta Expresión Ibérico Montanera Selection range of meats.

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